Tharaka Honeybee Products (Pty) Limited is situated in Ruai, Nairobi approximately -1.2885;37.0196.

The company was registered in Kenya in 2009. Tharaka Honeybee Products (Pty) Limited is the first indigenous company committed to comprehensive commercial beekeeping and apitherapy in Kenya.

The flagship products are Honey, Propolis tincture, Apitherapy honey and Apitherapy throat gargle. All Tharaka Honeybee Products (Pty) Limited apitherapy products are approved by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Kenya.
Apiculture incubation and mentorship programme is unique to Tharaka Honeybee Products (Pty) limited. The company retains graduate youth and coaches them be the future commercial beekeepers of Africa.

Tharaka Honeybee Products (Pty) Limited

To be number one commercial beekeeper and processor in Kenya of pure organic honey and other hive products.

Improved well being of rural and urban communities in eastern Africa through beekeeping and consumption of pure nutritious organic honey as made by bees.

Responsible: Exhibiting accountability towards the ecosystem and our stakeholders.
Excellence: Committed to being outstanding in Apiculture in Africa.
Service: Offering a helping hand to our stakeholders.
Integrity: Being honest and having strong moral principles in business.
Transparency: Openness to scrutiny of our actions, processes and products.
Rated 5 out of 5
Good quality products with an easy buy and easy delivery system. Thank you very much Tharaka Honey Bee Products.

Dennis M

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